Conduct global rollout of APO DP and SNP solution in the ANZ region.

Develop a regional template and a prototype, based on inputs from Global Centre of Excellence.

Train and synchronise two very different sets of user teams – one experienced on APS solutions and the other used to ad-hoc spreadsheet based planning.



To achieve integration and to complete the rapid rollout, all the configuration changes to DP and SNP were performed locally, within the global design constraints.

An improved solution was developed for the local demand planning team, which was already using an APS (Manugistics).
A DP and SNP prototype was developed simultaneously.

The implementation of supply planning was completed on time despite significant changes to the global design. It involved two major manufacturing plants, sub-contractors, multiple DCs in Australia and New Zealand.

This enhanced solution was quickly stabilised, and delivered improvements in the areas of supply chain visibility, capacity planning and deployment.